21 August 2009

Fasting Month

The moon yet on it, never silent
on the calendar, never crescent or full moon,
never recorded everyday with numbers.

Months as fate: fate, which is always fast.

Months and he has promised to each other, will meet
in the call to prayer, in one day. (We'll break
themselves together, planting seeds, palm oil seeds that we collect
from mosque to mosque, who stole our prayer time).

Old he learned to understand and enjoy the fast: nostalgia
moon. The moon will not come, too.

He's still fast forward long and hard:
fasting meets every month, until a thousand months.

TIME coming month of fasting, the month secretly arrived.
Creating a meeting that he had never guess-estimate.

(Sorry, you who's this?) He said, weed weed
dates in the garden. (I just fast current study
a month. You own so quickly is what?)

(I'm waiting for my perfect month of fasting. And
I sowed the seeds of their own while waiting for the date
I kept breaking her promise the moon together.)

(This is berbuahkah?) A month. (Indeed,) said,
Sweet fruits, such as the bulanku thirsty. Fruit
solid, with enough to break a thousand months.

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